How to buy

Go to the app store and download the app, Trust Wallet.
Purchase BNB smart chain via the app, or deposit to your address.
Go to the DApps tab at the bottom and find PancakeSwap. iPhone users will have to enable the browser within TrustWallet by typing  trust://browser_enable  within Safari.
On Pancake Swap, in the "From" slot select BNB or BSC, depending on which one you bought. In the bottom slot tap "Select currency" to search, and then paste in the contact address on this page
Click the icon with the dials at the top left, then set the slippage tolerance to 11-12%, and close that interface once done.
Put the amount of BNB you wish to spend in the "From" box, and press the "Swap" button.
Click the swap button & confirm the transaction … Congratulations you now own WikiCat Coin!

Contract address

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